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RSS feeds help us all manage the constant stream of data on the internet.  Despite the fact I visit many music blogs several times a week, I’ve never really thought to subscribe to their RSS feeds until I started LIBR 246.  I just had them all bookmarked, and I’d pull them up individually.  Now I’m starting to subscribe to their RSS feeds and use Google reader to create one stop to check to latest post.  It’s interesting how all the different RSS feeds I’ve subscribed to co-mingle on Google reader to create an interesting hodge podge of interests.

It was interesting to read Randy Reichardt’s article “Library Connect Volume 3.2” to learn how libraries are using RSS to proactively push out information about everything from programs and new books to reference services ( .  Libraries can clearly benefit from RSS feeds by increasing their web relationship with patrons by making fresh library content a part of a patron’s everyday reading.  It’s a much more dynamic push of content rather than stagnant webpages where users must have a reason to visit to be exposed to the content.


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