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The “nowness” of the real-time streams of the internet seems like it’s adding to the addiction of the internet (  Nobody wants to step away from the stream, in case they miss something.  Web pages are no longer stagnate, but allow for instant interaction.  As Nova Spivack explains in “Welcome to the Stream – Next phase of the Web,” the idea of “now” on the internet is getting increasingly shorter (  Information on the internet isn’t just updated daily or even hourly, but has become an instant interaction.  How in the world can we all manage the many streams of now?

Erick Schonfeld’s article “Jump into the Stream” reassures the reader that the stream isn’t something you are ever going to get on top of, like you would your email inbox (  He seems to allude to the idea that you just sort of jump in the stream for a while, then get it out.  Of course it keeps flowing without you, but that’s ok.  We also have to find ways to manage streams.  Spivack’s explains that not only will there constantly developing new tools to manage and organize the stream, there will be tools that help us evaluate what is important to pay attention too (

Tools or no tools, the constant feed of data is more than anyone can handle.  We all must find ways to not just manage it through tools, but manage it through our own personal choices. To me it seems like the best way to avoid information overload is to just accept that you have to disconnect every once-in-a-while from the endless stream of data.  You have to let go of the idea that you are going to miss something important the moment you disconnect.  You’ve got to remember that real life is happening in real time too, and that’s definitely a stream you don’t want to ignore.


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